Warmly welcome to this year's Techtober event!

Place: Live! Arena at Älmhults Handelsplats (Handelsvägen 6)
Date: 23/10 - 2021

Time: 10-15

Hitta till oss

Agenda for the day

10:00-11:00 Mingel & open-up ceremoni

11:00-11:45 The JNX on stage - Live stream

11:45-12:00 The IKEA Gaming Home

12:00-13:00 Mingel

13:00-13:45 The JNX on stage - Live stream

13:45-14:30 The IKEA Smart Home - Live Demo 

14:30-15:00 Closing up the day & award ceremoni

Between set happenings there is other fun things happening, read more below! 
And maybe we forgot to say it but the event is of course Free for everyone!

Looking forward seeing you soon!!

The IKEA Gaming Home

In the mind of every player, the game is more than just a fun pastime. Games are a way to relax and communicate with others. For some players, games are life!

When IKEA set out to design a new series of products for enthusiastic games, IKEA stepped into a brand new gaming world.

So come and experience the new range and try it out, who knows maybe you like it and it's fullfilling your needs. We are confident that it will.

The JNX on stage 

We are very excited to be able to present to you that we will be having The JNX streaming live from the stage during the day!

The JNX will walk us trough some of the new IKEA Gaming product whilst also showing his amazing skills in Mindcraft live on stage.

And of course he will around the whole day, giving you tips and idéas in how you could master the world of Minecraft yourself.

The IKEA Smart Home

Imagine being able to shut down the whole world out there while sitting down with your favorite game, pull down the blinds and let darkness enter the whole room, listen to some music, and still not have to move from your chair.

Amazing, right?

When you improve your home's IQ, you make life a little easier. So, whether you want a completely smart home or just want to be able to control certain things, there is an IKEA Home Smart product that can create an intuitive flow for you.


Mini tournament

Come and show your Minecrafskills!

You get 15 minutes to create the absolute coolest gaming room you can in minecraft (creative mode).

During the day, we vote for the best contribution and reward it with nice prizes.

So do not miss the chance for you to shine and win!


In the exhibition you can experience the new IKEA Gaming Range in collaboration with the IKEA Home Smart range in IRL whilst at the same time taking a glance and try out the existing and thrilling Mionix accessories and gadgets. 

We also have the Swedish E-sport Organization on site that will answer all your questions about E-sport in general and help you if you are considering starting an E-sports Organization to develop your interest.